The Year of Lagging Dangerously

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My one man battle against backlogs and Twitter

I made two New Years Resolutions for 2014:

1. Update this blog at least once a month.
2. Do not purchase any video games for the first half of the year (excluding games where at least 30% of proceeds goes to charity, e.g. Humble Bundles).

The first is the sort of resolution every lazy writer makes. The second is […]

What do we get out of video games?

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Every self-reflective games writer (and I like to think that’s most of us) is dogged by one question above all others: “How do you measure the value of a game?”

When we review a game, the implication is that the game is being judged against some larger metric, but usually this is just a purely relative standard […]

This Is Not a Story About Gaming with Autism

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Earlier this month, Joel Goodwin published “The Ethics of Selling Children,” an article questioning the increasing prominence of confessional writing in games blogging. He expresses the ambiguity I feel better than I ever could, and so I won’t repeat his points here (you really should read it); I can merely explain my personal struggle in […]

The Unfinished Game is its Own Reward

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I just had an epiphany. I don’t need to finish games.

Which sounds incredibly stupid when you realize that I’ve been leaving games unfinished ever since I started gaming, as every gamer without OCD is wont to do. But it’s finally, really hit me. Let me explain.

I just finished playing Yakuza, a cult PS2 game that […]

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