The Unfinished Game is its Own Reward

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I just had an epiphany. I don’t need to finish games.

Which sounds incredibly stupid when you realize that I’ve been leaving games unfinished ever since I started gaming, as every gamer without OCD is wont to do. But it’s finally, really hit me. Let me explain.

I just finished playing Yakuza, a cult PS2 game that […]

Digital Gaming Libraries: An Overview

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If that isn’t a sexy headline, I don’t know what is. But seriously: digital gaming libraries (or DGLs) are one of the most useful gaming resources to emerge from the internet in the last decade.

What is a DGL? In its most basic sense, it’s a spreadsheet that’s easy to use and plugs into preexisting databases of […]

The Road to Front Mission 5

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I did not expect to take over two weeks to get another real entry here. Sorry for the delay – things are moving ahead on getting a Full Time Job, which will theoretically cut my posting time but in practice shouldn’t much, since I mostly do it on the weekend anyway.

There’s also material. I have half […]

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