Notes on a Nameless Island

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I am going to tell you a story about an island. This island will soon cease to exist, and this will be no great loss, because no life resides on it. This island is, in fact, unimportant in every way possible. Yet since first visiting it ten years ago, it has regularly appeared in my mind, […]

On Beyond Greatness: Why Do We Care So Much About Best-Of Lists?

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Way, way back in 2010, game journalists N’Gai Croal and Stephen Totilo came up with a new twist on the tired old “Greatest Games of All Time” list, which they called “Canon Fodder.” They started with GameRanking’s (incomplete) list of the best-reviewed games of all time, which neither of them particularly liked. They […]

Micro-Essays on Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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A little late to the party here – blame the vacation and my own stunning ability to procrastinate – but here goes.

This is going to be an in-depth comparative analysis. By which I mean that I’ll be stacking up Human Revolution alongside the original Deus Ex (and, when I feel like it, Invisible War) and seeing […]

Dead Space: The Fall of the Space Sim

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Author’s Note: I originally wrote this for a job application, and think enough time has passed that I can post it here. This is very much an academic analysis; a more personal entry on my love affair with space sims is forthcoming.

Gaming pundits declare genres “dead” with alarming frequency. They are, inevitably, wrong. The adventure, the […]

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