Crate Expectations: A Hyperspace Delivery Boy! Retrospective

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Hyperspace Delivery Boy! never got the audience that it deserved.

Mind you, this is how nine out of ten retrospectives begin, but this is an extreme example. Back when digital gaming libraries were starting to get established, I cataloged my collection over at Gamespot. It had a feature that let you see how many other people […]

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Awesome Games from 2011, Part 1

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Pet peeve of mine: back when I read Gamespot, I noticed that every year – bar none – they claimed that it had been one of the best years for gaming since X (usually 1998). They had no sense of relativity. It was embarrassing.

That said: 2011 was, in my opinion, the best year for gaming since, […]

The Elder Scrolls VI: [Insert Location Here]

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Note: This entry assumes some knowledge of the Elder Scrolls world. For a good primer, check out A Pocket Guide of the Empire, Third Edition.

I’ve always wanted to start a band, despite having little interest in making music. I just want to NAME the band. Narrowing down the near-infinite possibilities to a single combinations of […]

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