Free and Cheap Video Games to Play During the Pandemic

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With a lot of people trapped at home due to the ongoing pandemic, there’s a great need for cheap entertainment. Many generous game developers are responding to this with free or pay-what-you-want sales of their games. In addition, there’s a huge amount of always-free games you can play during this time.

I’ll be updating this post as […]

Games Played in (Approximately) One Sentence, 2016 Ed.

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Now with more sentences!

Welcome to my fifth annual list of all the games I played in the last year. This year, I’m making a change: the rule is “~1 sentence” so in a few cases I can avoid bending over to construct a run-on sentence if there is something in-depth to say. As usual, an * after the game’s […]

Games Played in One Sentence, 2015 Ed.

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Once again, here’s a sentence about every game I played in the year 2015 (not counting games finished up from last year, described in last year’s list). As always, an asterisk after the title means I completed the game.

80 Days*
Eloquently capturing the trials and tribulations of travel in a pre-globalized world, 80 Days‘ classy literary […]

Video Games in One Sentence, 2014 Ed.

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Continuing a tradition from the last two years, I’m devoting a sentence to every game I began playing in 2014. Consider this a small apology for not writing substantive entries on any of them save Mass Effect 3. More in 2015 (I promise).

Also, if you haven’t already, please consider buying my book (and seven […]

Video Games in One Sentence, 2013 Ed.

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Last year, I wrote a one-sentence description of every game I played in 2012. I’m making this an annual tradition, so let the run-on sentences commence! Because throwing glowing adjectives in a sentence gets tiresome quickly, this is not intended to be fair in any way shape or form; some of these are serious commentary, some […]

Games Played in 2012 Described in One Sentence

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Taking a page from Brendon Chung, I present one sentence on each of the games I played in 2012 (or at least all the ones I can remember – inevitably a lot of cool indie things will be left out).

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
By the end of 2011 I had a lot of issues with […]

Awesome Games from 2011, Part 1

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Pet peeve of mine: back when I read Gamespot, I noticed that every year – bar none – they claimed that it had been one of the best years for gaming since X (usually 1998). They had no sense of relativity. It was embarrassing.

That said: 2011 was, in my opinion, the best year for gaming since, […]

The Elder Scrolls VI: [Insert Location Here]

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Note: This entry assumes some knowledge of the Elder Scrolls world. For a good primer, check out A Pocket Guide of the Empire, Third Edition.

I’ve always wanted to start a band, despite having little interest in making music. I just want to NAME the band. Narrowing down the near-infinite possibilities to a single combinations of […]

Digital Gaming Libraries: An Overview

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If that isn’t a sexy headline, I don’t know what is. But seriously: digital gaming libraries (or DGLs) are one of the most useful gaming resources to emerge from the internet in the last decade.

What is a DGL? In its most basic sense, it’s a spreadsheet that’s easy to use and plugs into preexisting databases of […]

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