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Games Played in One Sentence, 2015 Ed.

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Once again, here’s a sentence about every game I played in the year 2015 (not counting games finished up from last year, described in last year’s list). As always, an asterisk after the title means I completed the game.

80 Days*
Eloquently capturing the trials and tribulations of travel in a pre-globalized world, 80 Days‘ classy literary […]

Kotaku’s "Unsung Story" Article Isn’t Really About Unsung Story

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Four days ago, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier published a story titled “Unsung Story Is A $660,000 Kickstarter Disaster.” It’s a peculiar thing; the body mostly consists of Schreier venting his displeasure with said Kickstarter in a very feelings-based, op-ed style, despite the story being filed in the same place as Kotaku’s more regular journalism. What evidence he […]

Video Games in One Sentence, 2014 Ed.

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Continuing a tradition from the last two years, I’m devoting a sentence to every game I began playing in 2014. Consider this a small apology for not writing substantive entries on any of them save Mass Effect 3. More in 2015 (I promise).

Also, if you haven’t already, please consider buying my book (and seven […]