World Rebuilding: A Close Look at Bastion

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Like most fantasy, Bastion draws attention to the art of world-building: the landscapes and societies that emerged from the mind of the developer, were given life by the artists, and are now displayed on our monitors. Cast as an enigmatic protagonist known only as The Kid, I explore the ruins of the great city of Caelondia, now […]

Close Look: Resonance of Fate

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Quick Facts:

NA Release Date:  March 2010
Played on: Xbox 360 (also available on PS3)
Genre:  JRPG
Publisher:  Sega
Developer:  Tri-Ace
Preferred Beverage:  Long Island Iced Tea

It’s a good thing this isn’t a proper review, because I haven’t finished Resonance of Fate yet. I’m breaking with journalistic tradition and writing this now because

  1. I’m 40 hours into the game, and there’s no […]
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