Nostalgia (Episode 9)

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In this episode, Joanna & Dylan spectacularly fail at recording a tight, 30-minute podcast, and instead spend 80 minutes delving into the nature of nostalgia, focusing on nostalgic media like My Neighbor Totoro, Stardew Valley, and Millennium Blades.

Analogous to All Thresholds (Episode 8)

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The podcast is dead, long live the podcast. This is the final long-form episode of A Possibility of Opinions, but fret not, as we’ll continue in a new format with shorter episodes breaking from our standard format (with the same title, so stay subscribed!)

In this long-awaited psuedo-finale, our hosts catch up on a many-month backlog of […]

Shut Your Pants All The Way Up (Episode 5)

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It’s 2019, and that means it’s time for a new year of inappropriate jokes, adorable friendship, and rambling about media. In this special vacation episode – recorded on site in Sacramento – Joanna & Dylan discuss fabulous zines, the world’s greatest obituary, and an email from Dylan’s mom. Joanna analyzes Dylan’s taste in music, and Dylan […]

A Possibility of Opinions, Episode 3: Opposed to Corporeal Reality

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In this jam-packed episode, Joanna gives her thoughts on the video game Tacoma, while Dylan present his “Homecoming” media list. JP Achievements are introduced, and our hosts discuss the unnerving revelations in Democracy for Realists. Two new regular podcast sections (Song Break and Joke of the Month) premier, and the Game Corner and Book Nook segments […]

A Possibility of Opinions, Episode 2: What If There Are No Witnesses?

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In episode 2, Joanna & Dylan launch the new Just Points system; discuss what it takes to be a public librarian; and cement Dylan’s Game Corner, Joanna’s Book Club, and Media Club as regular sections. Joanna questions why golf caddies reside in a shack, and Dylan takes a call from his mom. Featuring new and improved […]

A Possibility of Opinions, Episode 1: Begin the Begin

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In the pilot episode of A Possibility of Opinions, listeners get two whole hours of the very particular humor Joanna and Dylan share, as they discuss games, books, politics, life, and how Patrick Stewart is still sexy.

NB: This episode was recorded on location with a single mic, so please forgive some audio wonkiness. Future episodes will […]

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