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There are few things I like more than game writing that is both humorous and makes a point. Rob Dubbin’s Some Russian (featured in issue #1 of Kill Screen) is probably the best example of that, and sadly I can’t link it because it’s a print exclusive, but this is pretty damn good too.

I think what people miss most in talks about PC vs. consoles or the never ending accusations of”PC elitism” is that the differences aren’t, fundamentally, about the hardware. It’s not that PCs Are Better Because They Are More Powerful. It’s that that a combination of their open structure and distribution channels, more flexible control system, and the different nature of their user base makes for a much wider variety of available experiences. It’s not that the big games you get on consoles are inferior, or that there aren’t some things that consoles generally do better (platformers and fighting games, for instance), but there’s just less variety in what’s on offer. No simulations, no wargames, no Minecraft, only a small portion of the wild and crazy experiments you get in the PC indie scene.  This article captures that as well as any (though the CS face-crouching could just as easily be in Halo!).

Article by Dylan

Dylan Holmes is a 20-something from Seattle. By day he works as public librarian; by night he tries to balance voracious media consumption with some modicum of a social life. His accomplishments include being the author of one book (A Mind Forever Voyaging: A History of Storytelling in Video Games); inventing numerous Arnold Palmer variants; and being able to balance on an exercise ball indefinitely. His failures are too numerous to list.


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