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Dylan Holmes is a 20-something from Seattle. By day he works as public librarian; by night he tries to balance voracious media consumption with some modicum of a social life. His accomplishments include being the author of one book (A Mind Forever Voyaging: A History of Storytelling in Video Games); inventing numerous Arnold Palmer variants; and being able to balance on an exercise ball indefinitely. His failures are too numerous to list.

Apart from being a gaming buff, he loves: storytelling media in general, particularly films; post-modern literature; puns; root beer; and the-live action version of The Tick, which he maintains was better than the animated version, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

You can contact him at: aerothorn at gmail dawt com.

If you’re curious about his gaming tastes, check out his Darkadia profile:

My games collection at darkadia.com


  1. Hi Dylan,
    I’m Sébastien, one of the three founders of Les Editions Pix’n Love. We’re a French publisher and, as you can see in our website, we’re 100% focused on videogames.
    We read your book A Mind Forever Voyaging and found it very interesting.
    We would be very glad to translate it and publish it for our country. I could not found a publisher for the piece I have here therefore I’m writing to you directly.
    I would be glad to discuss it with you and thank you for the time you’d give to my request.
    Best wishes,

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