About Augmented Vision

Augmented Vision is a screen culture blog. In non-academic-speak, this means that I while I mostly talk about video games, I’ll also muse on film, television, and anything else that can be displayed through a projector. I’m dedicated to approaching video games with loving criticism, with a focus on older games and larger trends rather than the latest titles and headlines.

You can expect:

  • Consistent attempts to untangle the slinky that is interactive storytelling
  • A focus on media that break new ground (what Brisco County, Jr. so eloquently dubbed “The Coming Thing“)
  • Obsessive criticism
  • Groan-inducing puns

You probably won’t find:

  • Any semblance of objectivity
  • Recipes
  • Three simple tips to lose weight now
  • The answer (to anything)

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome (unless your name is Carl; I’ve heard quite enough from you).


  1. Who’s Carl?

    Hi, I found a post in a forum from 2009 that you had finished some articles relating to game studies?

    I’m currently researching for my dissertation and would be extremely grateful if you would let me read your work.

    Many thanks!

    Warren Burke

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