In the final episode of 2018,  our hosts recount the series of unfortunate events that delayed this episode, and discuss what constitutes “good acting” in films. Dylan talks about a hyper-nerdy competition he runs, and gives a retrospective of Thief: The Dark Project on its 20th anniversary. Joanna discusses a lovely book about writing from Phillip Pullman, and tells a joke that Dylan doesn’t get. Special guest Christopher Cade Mosley joins to discuss the unusual cyberpunk bartending game, The Red Strings Club.

This Episode’s JP Assignments: “Acting 101” and  “Keanu Reeves and What We Consider ‘Good Acting’” by Film Crit Hulk.
This Episode’s Media Club: The Red Strings Club
Next Episode’s JP Assignment: Dylan’s Annual Playlists
Next Episode’s Media Club: The board game Illimat and the album The Crane Wife.