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Analogous to All Thresholds (Episode 8)

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The podcast is dead, long live the podcast. This is the final long-form episode of A Possibility of Opinions, but fret not, as we’ll continue in a new format with shorter episodes breaking from our standard format (with the same title, so stay subscribed!)

In this long-awaited psuedo-finale, our hosts catch up on a many-month backlog of […]

Get On The Bus Without Dying (Episode 7)

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In the final coast-to-coast episode of A Possibility of Opinions, Joanna shares the final details on her impending move, and pitches some exciting Sacramento outings, while Dylan curates an unusual exercise playlist. Highlights include a spontaneous soliquy from Joanna on the nature of identity; an exploration of Dylna’s interest in early internet memes and art; and […]

A Totally Valid Choice (Episode 6)

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The revelations from Episode 6 include the shocking truth behind Joshua Chapman’s Star Trek zines, the title of Dylan’s favorite game of 2018, and the reason why Joanna is endeavoring to exercise for the first time in her life. The hosts take a rare detour into contemporary national politics, and Joanna calls Dylan a dummy (a […]

Notes on Every Game I Played in 2018

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For the seventh year in a row, I’m published a roundup of every game I played in the past year. Last year, I experimented with going beyond the “one sentence” format; I felt it had become overly constraining, particularly since this has been my only substantial piece of game writing for the last few years (not […]

Shut Your Pants All The Way Up (Episode 5)

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It’s 2019, and that means it’s time for a new year of inappropriate jokes, adorable friendship, and rambling about media. In this special vacation episode – recorded on site in Sacramento – Joanna & Dylan discuss fabulous zines, the world’s greatest obituary, and an email from Dylan’s mom. Joanna analyzes Dylan’s taste in music, and Dylan […]

He Also Has A Normal Hand (Episode 4)

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In the final episode of 2018,  our hosts recount the series of unfortunate events that delayed this episode, and discuss what constitutes “good acting” in films. Dylan talks about a hyper-nerdy competition he runs, and gives a retrospective of Thief: The Dark Project on its 20th anniversary. Joanna discusses a lovely book about writing from Phillip […]